EMS360 Perfect for managing Staff Reviews and Professional Development

Online administrative software for schools

We design and build software to simplify complex administrative processes and provide current, accurate data.

EMS360 has been created in collaboration with schools to track and manage staff reviews and professional learning. It continues to evolve to incorporate further functionality, documentation and reporting. The system now includes modules for 360 reviews, self assessments, staff leave, student activities and camps, risk management, health and safety, and more.

Each module offers a flexible framework to suit your needs. Keep everyone on track with professional workflows and secure, centralised documentation. Have data at your fingertips for reporting, accountability and decision making. With full support and training from our local development team, we deliver ongoing solutions to make your administrative tasks easier.

Schools using EMS360

We handle the hardware, software, backups, hosting, databases, web servers and security

All the things that take up time and money!


EMS360 is a cloud based software system for managing critical staff administrative processes.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) EMS360 is charged per active user and is available to your staff to use anytime, anywhere via the internet.


EMS360 is an integrated modular system which can be used to completely manage teacher performance and development. Each module is self contained and can be used independently or in combination to access powerful integrated functionality.


We recommend using the the modules as an integrated stand alone system, however we recognise that needs are different and any of our modules can work in combination with other products.

What EMS360 does

Professional Documentation Management

Complete compliance and auditable records for schools.

We have designed our software with the user in mind, to make complex tasks easier, documentation responsibilities smoother and uncomplicated. EMS360 provides the means for exceptional record keeping for the school and all staff.

Managing administration procedures with a system that is not burdensome results in standardised high quality documentation that is readily available. The processes are seamless, the audit trail is transparent and professionalism is integral to all processes.

With EMS360 less time and effort is required, meaningful data is available to inform management decisions to focus school improvement and increase teacher effectiveness to deliver better student outcomes.

Have a look at the features of the EMS Modules to see how they can support advancement of your staff and school.

Simplify and streamline tasks

Staff Review & Appraisal

Adding information and supporting evidence to a staff review and knowing exactly which stage of the review cycle it is at and what is expected, whether you are the staff member, reviewer or mentor is clear and simple.

See Staff Reviews module features

Professional Learning

  • Applying for professional learning and including all of the appropriate details is straightforward
  • Meeting teacher registration requirements
  • Targeting professional learning amongst your staff

See Professional Development module features

Leave & Absence

  • Easy to apply for all types of leave and absence
  • Detailed records for all users, the school and individual, including doctors certificates
  • Immediate notification of key management users, including daily organiser
  • Keep track of Time In Lieu/Overtime hours

See Leave & Absence - module features


Maintaining comprehensive documentation for all excursions and camps, including appropriate approvals,completed required files and risk assessment.

See ACE - excursion management - module features

Review Management

EMS360 provides flexible staff performance reviews for schools and business

EMS360 offers an all-in-one system for conducting staff performance reviews that is both flexible and customisable. Developed specifically to be used by schools to provide a simple and effective staff review and appraisal process, our software can just as readily be used for any business organisation to conduct staff performance reviews and incorporating key performance indicators.

Whether used for school or business you can set up and administer your reviews in accordance with your individual preferences and practices. We have worked extensively to identify the specific requirements for different schools within Australia and incorporated functionality to align their review and appraisal processes. A public school in Victoria may be required to conduct PDP Reviews whereas a NSW school may be required to use Pathway Reviews info Pathway reviews)

The EMS360 Staff Review module provides the tools to collect and manage meaningful data along with supporting evidence - creating a repository of information that can be easily accessed to identify areas for improvement, future goals and monitor progress to build teacher effectiveness.

Staff reviews provide essential feedback and evaluation

High performing schools recognise the importance of developing their staff to the highest level. To enable this a professional performance review process is an essential part, not only to improve staff performance but to enhance school leadership. Implementing a teacher evaluation plan enables a clear focus on school improvement within an environment of constructive feedback.

Conducting performance reviews is a simple and useful process to attain an overview of individual staff to:

  • Identify performance issues
  • Set clear performance goals
  • Build confidence and professionalism
  • Engage and enable accountability
  • Target professional development to advance school improvement

Regular and ongoing staff reviews provide a valuable evidence based chronicle of a staff members performance and progression over time.

Teacher effectiveness can only reliably be identified by their school and classroom performance. Feedback is fundamental to a constructive performance review. Our Staff Review process cultivates an ongoing relationship between the staff member and their reviewer/mentor, thereby helping to establish a culture of sought after constructive feedback.

Have a look at the EMS Staff Review module features

When the Staff Review module is teamed with the 360 Degree review and Management Diary modules you are able to collect critical information that provides accurate teacher evaluation over a period of time and from a variety of sources.

Have a look at Comprehensive overview of staff performance for more information about the power of the modules in combination

PDP Reviews

Used by Victorian government schools to mirror department requirements for PDP Reviews

Overview of the PDP model

As Jensen (2011, p.7) states, ‘Meaningful appraisal is geared to teacher development and improvements in learning’. The performance and development model is designed to support teachers and principal class employees to develop the professional practices that have the greatest impact on teaching and learning. The model facilitates professional growth and allows teachers and principal class employees to identify their own professional learning needs based on an analysis of their students’ needs, set goals, monitor their progress and provide evidence of the impact of their practice.

EMS360 for PDP Reviews

PDP Review Cycle
  • Reflection & Goal Setting
  • Feedback & Review
  • Review & Evaluation
PDP Documentation
  • SMART goals for each of the four teaching domains;
    Student Outcomes, Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement
  • Strategies used to support the achievement of each goal
  • Evidence collected to demonstrate achievement of each goal
  • Record of the formal review conversations held between the staff member and reviewers at mid-cycle and end cycle

Pathway Reviews

Used by ACT government schools to mirror the education department process

EMS360 Pathway Reviews

Pathway Review Cycle
Stage 1 - Start Cycle
  • Pathway Plan and initial meeting with Reviewer to define goals and outline how and when they intend to achieve set goals, as well as the support required
Stage 2 - Mid-Cycle
  • Pathway Plan - review and refine
  • Mid-Cycle Review is optional and can be used to set a mid cycle goal and document progress
  • Annual Professional Discussion is used to document professional learning
  • Summative Report used to reflect and consider future priorities and career planning
Pathway Reviews have never been easier
Simple to setup
  • Setup Review Periods - including Overarching school goals as required
  • Create & Distribute reviews to selected staff members by name or classification
  • Reviews are ready to start
Quick & easy for staff to start
  • Staff an start to enter plan outline and details as soon as the review is distributed
  • Supporting files can be added from the start of the review cycle onwards
Straightforward for Reviewers
  • Reviewer and Mentor (optional) feedback can be added throughout the entire review cycle
  • Feedback can be targeted to specific aspects of the review
  • Reviewer can see everything in the review while mentor view is restricted to what they and the staff member have added
  • Update meetings can be scheduled throughout the review

Australian Institute of Teaching Standards

What is AITSL

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) provides national leadership for the Australian, State and Territory Governments in promoting excellence in the profession of teaching and school leadership.
AITSL Mission: To promote excellence so that teachers and school leaders have the maximum impact on student learning in all Australian schools.
AITSL Aspiration: That the e orts of everyone involved in education support more teachers to teach like the best, so that student learning is maximised.

AITSL Standards

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers reflect and build on national and international evidence that a teacher's effectiveness has a powerful impact on students, with a broad consensus that teacher quality is the single-most important in-school factor influencing student achievement.
The Standards provide a framework that makes clear the knowledge, practice and professional engagement required across teachers' careers, they are organised into four career stages and guide the preparation, support and development of teachers.
The endorsement of professional standards for teachers that can guide professional learning, practice and engagement, facilitates the improvement of teacher quality and contributes positively to the public standing of the profession. The key elements of quality teaching are described in the Standards. They articulate what teachers are expected to know and be able to do at four career stages: Graduate, Proffcient, Highly Accomplished and Lead.
Teachers can use the Standards to recognise their current and developing capabilities, professional aspirations and achievements.

EMS360 incorporates AITSL standards

The EMS360 Staff Review and PD modules can be configured to have the AITSL standards incorporated, simplifying compliance and reporting for your school. We use both the Australian Professional standards for Teachers and Australian Professional standards for Principals.

Having the AITSL standards available allows for great flexibility - they can be used for reference, adopted entirely or selectively edited.

360 Degree Review Management

360 degree teacher and leadership feedback

360 degree feedback is a system for collecting private and confidential multi source reviews, which are often used to review and evaluate performance. When used to support professional learning and development 360 degree reviews can be enormously beneficial for both the individual and the school. It is a proven method for obtaining confidential feedback in response to specific questions.

To be effective 360 degree reviews need to be used as a respectful and professionally implemented development tool.

Question Bank

We have developed a repository of short answer and multiple choice questions specific to each teacher classification. They are easy to add directly for quickly compiling 360 degree review questions or can be modified to suit your needs.

Individual Benefits
  • Opportunity to reflect on comparative opinions and how they align with their own
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves communication and accountability
  • Encourage feedback as valuable and welcome
School Benefits
  • Support feedback and performance culture
  • Identify opportunities for teacher and school development and improvement
  • When used in addition to a regular teacher review process the data from 360 degree reviews can offer a more comprehensive overview and accurate reflection of teacher performance

Our EMS360 degree review system is used to collect teacher feedback from both internal (eg. peers and managers) and external reviewers (eg. students and parents).

The entire review process is managed by the school, developing the questions, selecting the participants and interpreting the results. The review content can include both written response and rating scale survey questions.

We use a secure external reviewer logon process to ensure privacy and confidentiality. For convenience responses can be entered via a smartphone or tablet app. Results are graphed for easy analysis and can be used for a range of purposes.

See 360 Degree Reviews module features

Self Assessments

Question Bank

We have developed a repository of short answer and multiple choice questions specific to each teacher classification. They are easy to add directly for quickly compiling self assessment questions or can be modified to suit your needs.

A confidential personal system to help your staff analyze their overall performance and set goals for self-improvement.

The school manages self assessments and they can be tailored to include questions appropriate for the various staff classifications. Self assessments can be completed by staff regularly and offer a great opportunity for comparison and self reflection.

Professional Learning Management

Improved learning outcomes through teacher development

Professional learning for all staff is the key to enhance their effectiveness to enable better outcomes for all students. Schools need to provide ongoing professional learning opportunities that contribute to the professional growth of teaching and non teaching staff that develop their skills, knowledge and understandings. EMS360 enables targeted professional learnings to meet specific school improvement goals.

If the administration of professional learning requires juggling copious amounts of paperwork,
We have the solution - EMS360 Professional Learning module

For school professional learning administration

EMS360 Professional Learning module is a comprehensive system for school professional learning administration, helping individual staff as well as administrators to manage all of the documentation related to professional learning; from application to approval with all associated documentation.

Professional learning is often required to address a range of requirements, from those of the individual through to national directives - our system can help meet these.

All staff are able to maintain separate repositories of their school based and personal professional learning records for registration purposes.

Professional learning administrators are provided with well considered tools to save them time through efficiently processing professional learning events from application to approval, and reporting. Communication between the PL manager and staff members is built into the system, ensuring that all parties are fully informed about event status, details and participation. An event revision process that can be used to refine and clarify the details of a requested professional learning event. Overall feedback and evaluation can be included for learning activities.

Professional Learning groups can be set up easily and used to target relevant professional learning opportunities.

Standards, such as AITSL or CECV are available and when configured for your school they are integrated into the system. For any professional training event applicable standards can be selected or the number of hours towards accreditation included. The related standards are automatically included for each participant on completion of the professional learning event. Staff feedback and reflections are also able to be recorded. Information is accurate and up to date making it simple to create and download required reports. A staff accreditation can also be added to professional training and assigned to all participants once the event has taken place.

Professional Learning Reports allows thorough analysis of professional learning through detailed and customisable reports.

See Professional Learning module features

Professional Practice Days

Simple application and approval system to track staff professional practice days. Includes focus area details and duration. Focus areas are maintained by the school and can be used to target specific areas for staff improvement and development. All records are integrated in the organiser section and notification emails are available.

Teacher Registration Reporting

All the information to produce required reports

Our system enables schools and teaching staff to meet registration requirements for the respective bodies, such as; VIT, QCT, BOSTES - NSW, TQI - ACT, CECV

Accreditation Management

Manage staff accredited training

The EMS360 Accreditation module allows you to have complete, accurate accreditation records available for the for the entire staff. You can see who is accredited and when they need to renew. Planned training events are more cost effective. Accreditation verification includes when and by who they were verified. Detailed reports can be produced and printed as required.

Quickly and easily find out who has a particular accredited training qualification, such as anaphylaxis and when accreditation renewals are due.

Every staff member has access and is able to maintain their personal accreditation records.

When used in combination with the Professional Learning module you are able to connect professional learning with staff accreditations, so that once the event has taken place all of the participants are automatically assigned the accreditation.

See Accreditations for EMS360 accreditation module features

Excursion Management

Developing an excursion management policy

Effective excursion management requires the school to manage the various risks associated with all excursions, incursions including overseas student travel.

In order to minimise risks the excursion management policy should set some guidelines to be followed when planning excursions, such as the requirement for a management plan or risk assessment, along with details of documentation to be completed beforehand. Final approval for excursions is dependent on meeting the excursion management policy requirements.

Our excursion management module provides an easy to use system to make sure that your excursions are managed professionally and in accordance with your school and departmental policies.

Activities, Camps and Excursions (ACE) module provides a comprehensive system for school excursion management, helping to assure that they are conducted smoothly and safely. ACE can play a significant role in the supporting your school excursion management policy, by implementing professional documentation procedures as well as a providing secure and accurate evidence in the case of an inquiry into incident or injury.

See ACE - for EMS360 excursion management module features

All documentation complete

The ACE system ensures that all appropriate documentation for an excursion can be checked for completion and is readily available in the one place. Records are locked at various stages to prevent editing, and creating an archive with a transparent audit trail of accountability.

Standardised applications

Excursion applications are standardised and are designed to be easy to complete, with scope for including comprehensive details. When adding an excursion, minimum details are required to be completed for the application to be submitted, making the application process streamlined and efficient.

Supporting file types indicated on application

All of the file types that will be required to support the ACE are indicated when application is made, such as management plan, risk assessment and parent indemnity forms. You can create and control pro forma templates for these forms. Setting the supporting file types indicates the files required to be attached for the excursion to proceed.

Approval levels

A hierarchy of approval levels can be set to be attained for an excursion to be given final approval to proceed.

Permission forms

For each ACE there are PDF’s of the excursion details and permission forms available to download.

Risk Assessment

Detail comprehensive risk assessment, including controls, ratings and treatment. Create and maintain your own risk assessment templates.

Leave & Absence Management

Absence information available immediately

Detailed records for all users, the school and staff members, along with doctors certificates and other attached files. EMS 360 makes it easy to request leave and advise absence, including working remotely. All key management users, including the daily organiser are notified immediately by text message or email. Records can be easily searched and reports produced.

Keep track of Time In lieu and Overtime hours.

Simple application, approval and notification processes.

See Leave & Absence module features

Confidential Diary Notes

Maintain permanent records as private and confidential diary notes.

Entries are catalogued using your schools custom categories, such as parent/teacher meetings or behaviour incidents. Files can be attached so that all of the relevent documentation is one easy to search place. Entries can be selected to download as PDF or shared with other diary users.

See Management Diary module features

Purchase Order Management

Setup suppliers and purchase order groups to use for creating and tracking the status of purchase orders, from initial approval to purchased.

Health and Safety Incident Management

Incident reporting and tracking

Our system provides a flexible framework to suit your particular health and safety reporting needs. Documentation includes investigation, recommendations, injured person, treatment, notified people, witness statements and all the associated files. Comprehensive forms ensure that all the required information is complete and easy to find.

Comprehensive Staff Performance Evaluation

Modules combined deliver detailed teacher performance evaluation

When used in combination these three modules are tools that collect all the information required to form an authentic overview of staff performance that can make a real difference in building staff capacity and goal congruence.

Staff Reviews

Fully documented staff appraisal process where reviewers and mentors are able to support staff to reach goals and build capacity through targeted professional learning

See Staff Reviews module features

360 Degree Reviews

Use written and survey scale response questions to gather valuable confidential feedback from both internal and external sources

See 360 Degree Reviews module features

Management Diary

Private and confidential diary notes with files attached that can be selected to share with other diary users

See Management Diary module features

EMS360 Clients

Lead, manage, develop and retain your staff

What people say about EMS360

Damascus College

Now in our fourth year of operation in EMS360, we continue to explore further what the program can offer Damascus College. The ACE, Leave, PD and PPD application and approval process have allowed us to seamlessly manage and have overall view of student activities, staff leave and absence and professional development. Staff have certainly responded well since its introduction, and its use is now ingrained as a standard practice. All Staff Accreditations and personal professional learning are easily maintained by individual staff. Staff reviews is another feature that we are beginning to utilise further in greater depth. Russell and Gerald have been very responsive to our ideas of further enhancements of EMS360, and continue to provide a great level of personal support.

Chris Grant Deputy Principal

Downlands College

Educational Management Systems has modernised the College’s management of staff leave, professional development and events/activities. In addition, implementing Educational Management Systems has improved efficiency and record keeping. The implementation and ongoing support has been of the highest quality. I would recommend this software to all schools looking for efficiency and compliance in this area.

Stephen Koch Principal

Siena College

Years ago I dreamt of a program that would take care of all the administrative hack work that accompanied professional learning opportunities for our staff. My dreams materialised when we adopted a very new StaffPD developed by Educational Management Solutions (EMS). From there EMS has grown to incorporate systematic management of all our PL , Excursion, Incursion and Camps activities as well as a platform for our Annual Review Meetings and Leave or Absence management. They have succeeded where others have failed by providing an active consultation with stakeholders process and incorporating elements that are adaptable and customisable to suit a variety of educational settings. We have not yet exploited all they have to offer but if service and the ability to deliver are amongst your KPIs then EMS has it in spades. ”

Michael Hanrahan Director of Strategy and Risk

Toowoomba Grammar School

The EMS 360 program has been used for many years to organise our professional development needs. As a administrative tool for the allocation and tracking of PD requests, it has worked seamlessly with our School processes. The teaching staff use it for tracking their own professional development experiences and for the recording of goals and collation of their evidence of professional growth as part of their annual review. The team at Education Management Solutions are very responsive if we have ever needed any support.

EMS360 modules

Staff Reviews

Build staff capacity and achieve goal congruence

  • Professional appraisal system with clearly defined workflows
  • Fully documented with supporting evidence files
  • Reviewer & reviewee confidentiality and accountability
  • Meets all school and education department requirements - PDP (VIC) - Pathways (ACT)
  • Progress charts and reports
  • Signed hard copy documentation

Professional Learning

Manage the entire professional learning process from application to approval

  • Staff maintain personal and school based history
  • Event request and approval workflows
  • Teacher registration reporting for all state and Catholic Education Offices
  • Add supporting documentation
  • School maintained PL groups and categories
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting


Manage the entire ACE process from application to approval, including all documentation

  • Comprehensive and efficient application procedure
  • Ensures all completed supporting documentation is included
  • Proforma template files
  • Inbuilt cost calculator
  • Provides a transparent audit trail with approval checks and locks at various stages
  • Download permission forms
  • Risk management templates

360 Degree Reviews

Flexible, confidential multi source feedback

  • Independent, private and confidential
  • Manage performance and build staff capacity
  • Both written response and rating scale survey questions
  • Secure external reviewer logon
  • Reviewer responses via smartphone or tablet app
  • Rating responses graphed for ease of comparison

Leave & Absence

Manage all staff leave and absence with comprehensive audit trail

  • School maintain leave categories and approval requirements
  • Manage leave applications including cover required
  • Automatic SMS absence notification to organiser
  • Add files and medical certificates
  • Detailed reporting
  • Application and tracking of Time in Lieu and Overtime
  • Manage Working Remotely


Accreditation management allows complete and up to date staff accreditation records to be at hand

  • Personal and school wide records
  • Verification process
  • Add supporting documentation
  • Renewal dates reporting
  • Integrated with PD workflows
  • Export reports to Excel

Management Diary

Maintain comprehensive diary notes

  • Make notes, edit, mark as resolved, attach files and delete
  • Confidential or select to share with other diary users
  • School maintain diary categories
  • Create PDF report


School organiser management of all staff activities, including leave, absence, PD and ACE

  • Comprehensive overview of all staff movement
  • Detailed staff reporting
  • Audit trail


Archive of all email correspondence within the EMS360 system

  • Permanent record
  • Detailed staff reporting
  • Easy browse and search
  • Communication trail


Event financial management provides complete financial overview for all PD and ACE

  • Breakdown of costs
  • Payment and invoice details

Health & Safety

Comprehensive incident reporting

  • All records in one place
  • Easy access details
  • Audit trail

Self Assessments

Staff can analyze their overall performance and set goals for self-improvement

  • Inbuilt Question Bank
  • Creates personal records for comparison

Reviews Overview

Available to Principals to view all staff reviews including evidence

EMS360 features & benefits

Pricing & Delivery

No Hidden Fees

  • One low setup cost
  • Pay as you go
  • Pay per employee
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Unlimited data storage

Software as a Service

  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible via the internet
  • No school based IT support required
  • Changes & updates are available immediately
  • Ready to use with 24 hours

Payment and Fees

  • Only pay for active staff
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Quarterly invoicing for flexibility if staff numbers change throughout the year

Design & Development

For Schools

  • Created specifically for schools
  • Designed to comply with Australian Education Standards
  • Simplifies processes and requirements common to all Australian schools as well those specific to each state and school type

Ongoing Development

  • Regular updates are seamlessly integrated to improve and extend functionality
  • Evolving with changes to departmental policy

Solid Foundations

  • The latest enterprise grade technology ensures robust development frameworks, which offer scalability and flexibility to expand and extend as required

Crafted by Experts

  • Our industry knowledge, technical ability and experience allows us to create powerful applications that offer comprehensive solutions for managing complex school processes

User Experience

Increased Efficiency

  • Centralised information
  • Streamlined processes
  • Always up to date
  • Accessible anytime
  • Available on any computer
  • Usable in any web browser

Delightful User Interface Design

  • Clear & consistent interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Well considered workflows
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to use
  • Graphical indicators

Personalised Interface

  • Colour coded sections
  • Clear modules of functionality
  • Access limited to relevant sections
  • Reflects individual roles & responsibilities
  • Quick access dashboard of portals

Charts & Reports

Concise but powerful presentation of information
  • Easy to filter and set ranges
  • Downloadable PDF's
  • Dynamic charts
  • Staff CECV & VIT PD reports
  • PD event & ACE reports
  • Staff Annual Review status
  • PD event & ACE reports
  • Leave & Absence reports
  • 360 degree results

The EMS360 Application

Support & Training

  • Comprehensive training
  • Online documentation
  • Ongoing helpdesk support
  • Local support centre

School Branding

  • Personalised school branding included on user interface and all reports

Data management

  • We maintain an organised digital archive of your historical records


  • Data encryption to protect business information
  • Password Logon
  • Users private logon details are encrypted and protected


  • Hosted in Australia
  • Servers owned by EMS, not leased
  • Servers maintained by Gieman IT Solutions, Australia
  • Your data remains in Australia
  • No outsourcing to third parties

Audit Trail

  • Formal documented processes provides historical records & clear audit trail
  • Completed records are locked to prevent editing
  • Ensures Professional Standards & legal requirements are met

EMS360: Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMS360?

EMS360 is a comprehensive staff management system hosted on highly secure severs.

EMS360 consists of feature rich modules with functionality to:

  • Maintain staff details
  • Manage PD records, requests, events, participants and finance
  • Compare personal and school based PD history
  • Have a permanent email correspondence record
  • Create and manage annual reviews
  • Organise staff leave & absence
  • Create and manage 360 degree reviews
  • Create reports

Why should we use EMS360?

  • EMS360 is designed to empower its users since it does not require any downloading, installation, maintenance or upgrading
  • EMS360 is a cost effective solution with a pay as you go & pay per user business model
  • EMS360 consists of all modules in one application; you do not have to pay separate fee for each module
  • EMS360 is accessible from anywhere in the world via any computer with Internet access

How does EMS360 help schools?

EMS360 has been developed by working closely with teachers and principals and we have included functionality specific to schools requirements.

  • Designed to comply with Australian Educational standard
  • Excel/CASES compatible import of school data
  • Produces VIT compliant reporting
  • Staff performance achievements, development plans, and assessment monitoring are available for auditing and historical purposes at the click of a button

What if we want to host EMS360 on our own servers?

EMS360 will run on any server (Microsoft or Linux) with almost any database. Our technology allows easy deployment to almost any configuration. We can also supply a fully configured high end server for very reasonable costs.

Let us know your requirements and we will develop a custom solution that fits your needs!

What technical support do you provide?

There is a detailed online user manual that explains each of the EMS360 modules. Also the staff at the Gieman IT Office are available to provide telephone support Mon - Fri 8:30 - 5:00. They have been hands on with developing EMS360 and can answer and fix any issues readily.

Is our data secure?

  • EMS360 software runs on our servers and is accessed by a secure SSL connection
  • The site is protected with enterprise grade SSL
  • Each users personal information can only be accessed with their username and password

How soon can we start using EMS360?

It takes as little as 48hrs to set up EMS360

Contact Us for further information on getting started with EMS360

Do we have to pay for training?

Training is provided for up to 8 staff members in the Gieman IT Office.

What is the difference between EMS360 and other ....software?

  • EMS360 is a unique, customised on demand software not offered anywhere else on this scale
  • EMS360 is a comprehensive solution with all modules in one application
  • New functionality and features are developed through user feedback

Further Information

See Education Management Solutions website for detailed information on:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Security
  • Privacy

EMS: Education Management Solutions

The name behind the most advanced online management systems for Australian schools

Education Management Solutions

EMS develop management systems to specifically meet the needs of the education community.

The directors of EMS have many years of experience working in various roles in the education community.  First hand insight into the processes and requirements common to all Australian schools as well those specific to each state and school type, gives us a solid understanding of management needs and challenges.

Our team of professional developers and designers are highly skilled in application and user interface development. We are consistently adapting to use the most current technologies and adopting best practices.

Industry knowledge, technical ability and experience allows us to create powerful applications that offer comprehensive solutions for managing complex school processes,at the most affordable price.

Why we made EMS360

Several years ago we set out to create a system to help schools manage staff annual reviews and professional development.

Staff within the education industry are required to satisfy certain criteria, complete reviews and attend a prescribed amount of PD each year.

We developed the StaffPD application with functionality to meet these requirements and make life easier. StaffPD continued to evolve as departmental requirements changed and new functionality was requested, this resulted in a somewhat unruly beast.

Our team set about designing and developing a completely new system incorporating even more of the desired functionality, organised to provide the most straightforward user experience. Education staff have enough to do without being further bogged down in learning how to use software. We think you are going to love EMS360, it really is the most comprehenisve and easy to use solution on the market today.

EMS360 continues to evolve thanks to our many users. Suggestions for new functionality or enhancements are assessed and developed quickly, usually becoming available to all users within a matter of months.

EMS360 helps Staff Performance Management

We have made the annual review process easier, information is centralised and processes are streamlined.

  • Users of EMS360 are more efficient and are freed from the tyranny of paperwork. Historical data is available at the click of a mouse so annual reviews become less daunting each year
  • EMS360 offers a formal process that retains historical records and provides an audit trail that removes the possibility of lost paperwork and misunderstandings. Professional development and Staff reviews become transparent, documented processes and ensures professional standards and legal requirements are met
  • EMS360 can manage all areas of Professional Development. Staff can initiate PD requests, organise events, assign attendees, calculate costs and print reports

What we believe

  • Software should be simple, yet powerful
  • Software should save you time
  • Your data should be safe, secure, and accessible to you whenever you want it
  • Software updates should be free and seamlessly integrated
  • You should never have to worry about the IT headaches that come with security and ongoing maintenance

Contact ems

42 Aberdeen St
Geelong West
Victoria 3218
Phone: 03 9523 0860
Postal Address
Gieman IT Solutions
PO Box 248
Victoria 3215